Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gimme a Break

Well, kids, as the MLB regular season comes to a close, I will be joining the KC Royals in starting the off-season.  I recently took a different job in my school in an effort to regain my sanity.  The good news is that I'm completely sane again.  The bad news is that my new found lease on life came with a 66% pay cut.  Yeah.  I know.

So, as you can imagine, I will have very little disposable income, and lately I've found greater joy spending money on the golf course than on eBay.

Hopefully a little break is exactly what I need to rekindle my love of collecting cards.  And I'm sure I'll pick up a card here and there.  My hope is to check in once or twice a month between now and opening day next year.  And I'll definitely be stopping by your blogs occasionally. 

Don't think of this post as a good bye, it's just a see you later.


Dennis said...

Meh, you're cooler when you're insane. Good luck with the new job! Did you ever get my trade package that I eventually sent to the correct address?

Dhoff said...

Indeed, best with the new job. Don't stray too far.

Greg Zakwin said...

come back to us! also, working on a post (finally) about those sweet cards I got from your eBay auctions.