Friday, July 29, 2011

Five. Five Dollar. Five Dollar Autograph!

I picked up this 2006 TriStar PropectsPlus Luke Hochevar autograph (#'d 34/50) for, you guessed it, $5.00 (including free shipping).  Not too shabby of a deal if I do say so myself.

It's a great looking minor league card and while it's a sticker autograph, you can't really beat filling a gap in a player collection for a measly Lincoln.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Code from my Wife

I'm really proud of my wife for studying so diligently for the Colorado bar exam, which she will finish this afternoon.  She is the hardest working future attorney I know.

Yet somehow she found a little time in between her study sessions to buy me this 2011 Allen and Ginter Luke Hochevar code card. 

I wasn't very impressed with last year's A&G code, but reading how the 2009 code was cracked was fun. 

I'm not a decoder myself, but I really like the intricate details on the corners.  Very appealing.

Thanks to my hard working wife for the newest addition to my Hochevar collection!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two More Plates

I hit a printing plate milestone this week when I picked up two more 2011 Topps Series 2 Luke Hochevar printing plates, which means I now own 75% of the plates that were released. 

If anyone knows where I can find the fourth plate, let me know.  I'd love to have the complete set in my collection.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I was surfing around the net doing some tobacco card research when I stumbled upon this clip from PBS's Antiques Roadshow.  It's a little over four minutes long and is every card collector's dream.

Watch the full episode. See more Antiques Roadshow.

Incidentally, does anyone know of a website that has all of the tobacco cards cataloged and checklisted?  I'm particularly interested in the Mecca Cigarette cards that may or may not be T218 or T220 (that's what the ebay seller has them listed under, but I haven't had much luck with those labels).

I'm really enjoying my adventures in tobacco card land.  I'm particularly interested in any sets that feature golfers, so if you know of any, let me know which series they are in.

UPDATE:  Night Owl was up late one night and saw this appraisal.  (I can't get the video to embed so just check out the link for pictures and, if you're computer is better than mine, a video of the appraisal.) 

Trade Report: HUGE trade with Cheap Card Collecting

Did a trade with Anthony at Cheap Card Collecting this past week and I couldn't be happier with the results.  I sent as many cards that I could find that hit into Anthony's collections and he did the same for me.

I'll start with the genesis of our trade that started after Anthony busted some products that included manupatches.  Take a look at these beauties!

Wow!  My manupatch collection is so much fun, especially with trades like this one.

I also saw that Anthony had uncovered a Dexter Fowler 2011 A&G base card and asked that he include it in the package.

There were also some extras included in the package, which are always appreciated.

There were also some mustache cards included which will be revealed later this year once the Mustache Set gets unleashed onto the viewing public (and there is still plenty of time for anyone else to contribute mustache cards to the set).

Thanks again to Anthony for the great trade!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thus Began My Tobacco Collection

My entire collecting life I've been a modern-day card collector.  I collect my favorite players and my favorite teams.  When I was a kid, the only way I got cards was from ripping packs or trading with friends who got their cards from packs.  I had little to no access to cards that were produced pre-1990 let alone anything from the 60s or 70s.

As I've matured in my collecting habits I've discovered the allure of vintage and tobacco cards.  I've been wanting to get a few cards in my collection that are older than I am since I believe my oldest card prior to last week was from 1977 (only four years older than I am for those keeping score at home).

My problem is I don't want to just own a card for its age.  I want to have a vested interest in the card.  It needs to appeal to me.  I need to have a reason to chase after them day after day. 

The T51 Murad College Series Tobacco cards fit the bill perfectly.  Old?  Check.  Attractive art and design?  Check.  Can be found for a reasonable price?  Check.  Large, yet attainable checklist?  Check.

My only remaining hurdle was "breaking the ice" of this collection and finding my first card at a price within my budget.  And did I ever accomplish this goal.  For $1.00 plus shipping I bought not just my first, but my second card as well.  It's one thing to have a single card, but it's an entirely new ballgame when the second card is in the collection.

And I'm hooked.  I love the soft corners, the creases and pin holes, the torn out edge, their smell, and their small size.  The artwork is simple and appealing.  And for a half penny per each year they've existed, how could I pass them up?

The backs are equally simple and full of character.  I'd love to know the reason for the hand-written "24".  Maybe a time-traveling fan of Jack Bauer?

I'm obviously not going to be picky about quality.  If I can get a pile of beat-up, creased, torn, and worn-out cards on the cheap, I'll be much happier than if I spend my entire budget on one graded near-mint card.  I'm also going to take my time working through the set.  If it takes me a year to complete, great.  If it takes ten, even better.  I'm in no hurry. 

So check every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse,  hen house, outhouse, and dog house in your area for these cards.  I'd love to trade for them, but I'd be willing to buy if the price was right.

And be sure to follow along with my journey as I chip away at the checklist found in the T51 tab at the top of my blog.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Silky Prose from Skoormit

Today was the best manilla envelope delivery day that I've had in well over a month.  I was expecting two of the packages, but the third one was a bit of a surprise, so I'll start with it.

A while back reader and former blogger (of EX-MT) Skoormit told me that he had a Hochevar Silk card.  I assumed it was a 2010 silk card because that is the only Hochevar silk I'd ever encountered. 

Turns out, it's a 2009 Topps Silk Card which is a new card to me.  Major score!

Included in the mailer was a bit of prose which,would have probably been the highlight of the package had the card not been such a MAJOR addition to my collection.

Good, good stuff. 

Thanks again for the card skoormit and I'm actively tracking down some DBacks to send back your way.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Napkin Doon's 12 Days of Brycemas Big Fun Game Time

If you haven't been following Napkin Doon's 12 Days of Brycemas, then shame on you. 

If you have been paying attention, then you know that the Napster sold a Bryce Harper card and used the funds to pick up some sweet cards.  Turns out that the 12th day of Brycemas brought along some presents for his followers, which he'll be giving away in one of his Big Fun Game contests. 

The rules of the game are similar to "Yankee Swap" from the television show The Office.

Yaaaaaaaaaaanke Swap!  That's what makes it fun.

Anyway, head over to The Adventures of Napkin Doon, become a follower, comment on the contest, and spread the word around!

USA Baseball Twitter Giveaway

Apparently Night Owl hasn't heard about the USA Baseball mega-giveaway on Twitter.  There's no way he bails on Twitter when such cool items are being given away for a simple ReTweet. 

Here is the press release explaining how the Giveaway works.

USA Baseball's 9 Innings of Summer will give away one prize each day for 90 business days (Monday-Friday). Each "inning" consists of 10 business days (two weeks). The Promotion begins on June 22, 2011 (the first day of the Tournament of Stars), and ends on Oct. 25, 2011 (the last day of the Pan American Games). 
On the first day of each "inning" (every other Wednesday, beginning June 22, 2011) we will post that inning's 10 prizes at the bottom of this page between 10 a.m. and 12 noon ET. We will then post each day's prizes and specific instructions on Twitter between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m ET. Each day the instructions will tell you to retweet a specific @USABaseball tweet and will say which retweet will win. For example:
Sample Tweet: #USAB9Innings Giveaway: Stephen Strasburg Auto Jersey (picture link) 20th RT wins #collect (In this scenario, the 20th person to retweet this tweet will win an autographed Strasburg jersey.)
Once a winner is selected we will tweet that the contest is over for that day. For a complete list of rules please click here.
The third 10 items for the promotion are listed below, in no particular order, and they will last from July 20-Aug.2, 2011.
• Mike Moustakas 2006 18U National Team Game-Used Cap
• Signed 2002 Collegiate National Team USA Baseball Magazine

Luke Hochevar 2004 Collegiate National Team Game-Used Batting Gloves

• Troy Tulowitzki 2004 Collegiate National Team Game-Used Broken Bat

• 2007 Collegiate National Team Signed Jersey

• Christian Colon 2005 16U National Team Game-Used Batting Gloves

• Matt Wieters 2005 Collegiate National Team Game-Used Batting Gloves

• Jon Jay 2005 Collegiate National Team Game-Used Cap

• Matt LaPorta 2005 Collegiate National Team Game-Used Broken Bat

• Signed 2006 Collegiate National Team USA Baseball Magazine

Below is a list of current winners from the first three "Innings."
Item: Winner, Date
Bryce Harper Bat: @KevinGelfand, June 22, 2011
Jon Jay Batting Gloves: @ElMookador, June 23, 2011
Julio Borbon Bat: @cisrow, June 24, 2011
Clayton Kershaw Hat: @jayrreeder, June 27, 2011
Pedro Alvarez Batting Gloves: @patricksb4, June 29, 2011
2006 CNT Signed Poster: @waxtopia, June 29, 2011
Brett Anderson Hat: @damnthemann44, June 30, 2011
Bryce Brentz Batting Gloves: @akagalar, July 1, 2011
Freddie Freeman Hat: @Spammyjazzhands, July 4, 2011
1996 GSA Salute to Excellence: @NandoEspy13, July 5, 2011
Pat Borders Cleats: @frankiecgsw, July 6, 2011
Darwin Barney Batting Gloves: @DeadWaxSociety, July 7, 2011
Alex Gordon Bat: @ashleycolley, July 8, 2011
Michael Bourn Hat: @dannydandann, July 11, 2011
Rickie Weeks Jersey: @somepersonu, July 12, 2011
Drew Stubbs Batting Gloves: @jwilms, July 13
2006 CNT Signed Bat: @moriarty84, July 14
2011 GSA Signed Bat:@AkakHorn, July 15
2011 GSA Signed Ball: @ar1514, July 18
2007 CNT Signed Jersey: @5runrally, July 20
As you can see, there is one particular item that I would LOVE to own.  If you didn't notice, it's the one that is bolded, italicized, enlarged, and colored red.  A pair of Luke Hochevar batting gloves would be an awesome addition to my collection. 

So, if you are looking for a reason to use Twitter, I can't think of a better one than to help me win some batting gloves. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Anyone Want to Trade Me Some 2011 A&G Cards?

I'm hoping somebody who has a big pile of A&G doubles is willing to do some trading.

I'm hoping for a Hochevar base, a mini, a black-bordered mini, and, if I'm really lucky, a code card.

Base card

Black-bordered mini

Code Card

Mini Card

I would also love to have a Dexter Fowler base, a mini, a black-bordered mini, and a Hometown Heroes insert card.


Black-border mini

Hometown Heroes


Lastly, I'd also be interested in getting a Roy Halladay Hometown Heroes card as well, since it's the only Colorado "hometown" that I've seen.  If there are others, obviously I'd like them too.

Hometown Heroes

Obviously I don't have any 2011 A&G to send your way, but I'll be willing to send any and all cards for the team you collect if you have these cards.  Thanks!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I recently picked up an eBay one-of-one card on, you guessed it, eBay.

It's a 2010 Allen and Ginter Luke Hochevar Bazooka-back mini-card and it's numbered 25/25. 
As many of the eBay one-of-one sellers like to point out, it's the only card that's numbered 25/25, which makes it one of a kind.

 I'll be adding the card to my already robust 2010 A&G Hochevar collection.

As slow as the past couple of weeks have been for my collection, I hit pay-dirt in the eBay auction house.  I started a new personal collection for one dollar and am getting really close to reaching a player collection milestone.  I'm very excited to show off my winnings as soon as they arrive.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pictures from the 6/3/11 Rockies vs Royals game

Because I forgot my camera in my car and was only able to take two lousy cellphone pictures at the Rockies/Royals game this past Sunday, I asked Carmen Hochevar if I could post a handful of pictures that she took at the game and she kindly agreed to let me do so.

Carmen is Luke Hochevar's mom and, as you will soon see, is a fantastic photographer.  I was only able to say a quick hello to her and her husband at the game as they were understandably busy entertaining family during the game.  But I have been able to spend time catching up with them at past KC Royals games, including this year's Opening Day game and a 9/23/09 Royals/Red Sox game.

I'm the guy in the #44 jersey in the lower right corner.
Pitching to Todd Helton.

My favorite photo of the group.

Laying down a bunt.

Getting on base when Helton couldn't handle the throw to first.

Sliding into second base.
As you can see, Carmen has a great knack for capturing great action on film.  Many thanks to Carmen for allowing me to showcase these photographs!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Madoff of Memorabilia?

Today, the fine folks at Deadspin featured a lengthy excerpt of the Peter Nash article Damned Yankee: Was Steinbrenner’s Partner the “Madoff of Memorabilia”?

The excerpt is interesting enough, but the entire article is well worth your time, especially for the pictures of the items in question.

Fave Five -- Loot from Ryan G.'s Contest

Last month, I was one of the lucky winners of Ryan G.'s contest.  Ryan is one of those blogging over-achievers that make lazy guys like me look bad because he somehow finds time to run two entertaining and informative blogs -- This Card is Cool and The Cardboard Zoo -- while I languish away trying to keep my one blog alive, let alone entertaining or informative. 

This week I received my prize package.  When I opened the envelope, I found three team bags filled with cards.  There were some great cards in the package, so I thought I'd give it the Fave Five treatment.

HONORABLE MENTION -- Ahman, I got semi-Bipped.  

Also entertaining, UpperDeck thought it was necessary to serial number the Hakim cards.

FIVE --Premier Dates

FOUR -- Hockey Hologram

THREE -- Ticket to Jerseys

TWO -- A Pair of HOFers

ONE -- An 'N' for my Alphabet Set

Thanks again to Ryan G. for running a great contest! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fave Five -- USA

As the 4th of July comes to a close, I thought I'd highlight my Fave Five USA cards.

Honorable Mentions:  The Best of the Rest

FIVE:  Hoch

FOUR:  The Admiral

THREE:  Manupatches

TWO:  The Sweater

ONE:  Dream Team

I hope everyone had a great day and let freedom ring!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rox and Royals

Had a great time at the Rockies vs Royals game today.  My cousin Jeremiah found us great seats right behind the visitor's dugout.  While our tickets said "Row 10", the dugout was located where the first five rows would have been, so we were only 5 rows behind the dugout.

And it was awesome!

I took a few pictures with my cell phone (which explains the poor quality) since I left my camera in the car.

Here is the unfurling of the American flag before the game started and some of the Royals players.

And here is a picture of Luke Hochevar pitching.

Luke pitched a great game until the 5th inning when he gave up 5 runs.  I believe he injured himself sliding into second base to break up a double play the inning before (UPDATE: My theory has been confirmed HERE).  After nearly every pitch he threw in the fifth inning, he seemed to be stretching out either his back or his leg.  When he walked the first batter in the 5th in four pitches, the coach and trainer visited him on the mound, but decided to keep him in the game, which I believe was the wrong decision.  He walked a handful, gave up a base hit, and ultimately gave up five runs before finally being pulled.  It was very frustrating to watch.

The Royals ended up winning the game 16-8 which was fun. 

I even managed to pick up a couple of items from the gift shop to send to fellow Rockies fan Hiflew of the blog Cards from the Quarry.  Hopefully he'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed selecting them.

Fave Five -- Todd Helton

Since I'll be watching the Rockies take on the Royals, I thought I'd highlight my Fave Five Todd Helton cards in my collection.

FIVE:  Refractory

FOUR:  A golden glove

THREE:  Rookie class

TWO:  Avant garde

ONE:  206