2012 Collecting Goals

Obviously I'm going to keep picking up Hochevars, Fowlers, and Stocktons whenever possible.  But I need specific collecting goals to keep me motivated over the next year.

Here are my Fave Five 2012 Collecting Goals

FIVE:   Vintage Cards -- COMPLETE
I want to get my 1910 Murad T51 and 1948-49 Leaf (baseball) (UPDATE:  No way I'll get to 50% on the Leaf set, so I'm just going to casually collect it) set to at least 50% completion by the end of next year.

FOUR:  Mustache Portrait Collection 
I want to build a mustache portrait collection that is at least 100-cards strong.

THREE:  Manupatch Collections 
I want to complete both my letter and logo manupatch collections.

TWO:  Denver Broncos Super Bowl Rookies
A rookie card of every player on the Denver Bronco's 1997 Super Bowl winning team.  When a rookie can't be found, I will make due with any card that can be found.  The 1997 roster can be found HERE.

ONE:  Eck Trifecta --- COMPLETE
A rookie, a relic, and an autograph of the greatest mustache/mullet combo in history, Dennis Eckersley.  I also wouldn't mind getting my Eck collection above 100 cards.