Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Tobacco in My Mustache

As promised, I'm here to give a MOvember update and show off some of my "Portraits of Guys with Mustaches on Cards" Set that I built sporadically over the past year.

Coincidentally, this week also marks my two-month anniversary of being tobacco-free (although, thanks to daily fistfuls of nicotine gum, I'm not yet nicotine-free).  After a dozen years of using chewing tobacco, my wife finally persuaded me to give up the habit in exchange for a new golf cart. 

I've already put thousands of yards of golf on these wheels so it's definitely been a great trade in my book.

So, to tie it all together, mustache cart - tobacco = tobacco-era cards featuring guys with mustaches.

Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

And, by scanning these gorgeous cards, the tobacco card itch may be the one that needs scratching to get me back in the game.  Maybe I was being a bit hasty in my wanting to sell off the Murads.  Guess I need to think it over a little more before I pull that trigger.

And, what I'm sure you've all be waiting for, the unveiling of my week-old mustache.

Isn't it fabulous? 


My MOvember team, Team Lame-MO, has grown to a robust 14 participants and has raised a team-record $660 so far this month.  Our goal is to raise $1000 for prostate and testicular cancer research, and I'm very proud of how we are progressing.  If you would like to donate to this very worthwhile cause, please go HERE.


Greg Zakwin said...

Love the stache on the cart and the cards! And congrats on kicking the habit!

Fuji said...

Zakwin took the words right off of my keyboard. Congratulations.