Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Here are some things for which I am thankful.

I'm thankful that mustaches don't make you creepy.  Being creepy makes you creepy.

I'm thankful that, after four years of participation, Team Lame-MO has finally raised over $1000 for cancer research.  We're currently at $1107 this MOvember with over one-week left to donate, so if you'd like to help us climb even higher please go HERE.

I'm thankful for such supportive friends and family that have helped me be the leading fund-raiser for Team Lame-MO again.

I'm thankful for mustache cards.

And, most importantly, I'm thankful that I have a wife who will put up with this ugga-mug for an entire month in the name of raising awareness and funds for men's health.

I hope this Thanksgiving season finds all of my friends in the card-o-sphere healthy, wealthy, and wise. 


Hackenbush said...

I'd say I'm 0 for 3 but it's all relative. I guess that means I have a little of the third. Happy Thanksgiving!

Fuji said...

Great video! Hope you and the family enjoyed a terrific turkey day.

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