Thursday, April 26, 2012

Early Eck

I keep forgetting to post this 1978 Topps Dennis Eckersley that I picked up at the Colorado Springs card show I went to a month ago.  So, since I'm still waiting on a few other eBay pick-ups to arrive, I'll throw it up here on the blog and see what everyone thinks.

How about a little bit of fun? 

I paid money for this card.  The person who can come the closest (without going over) to guessing the price I paid for the above card at the card show will get a bubble mailer filled with as many cards that I have that they collect.  For example, if a Braves collector who also collects cards of catchers will get every Braves and catcher card that I can stuff into a bubble mailer.

I'll close the guesses at 11:59pm, April 27, 2012.  I'll announce the winner Saturday morning and will get their winnings into the mail next Monday.