Saturday, April 21, 2012

One More Reason Why I Don't Prospect

Saw that Philip Humber pitched a perfect game today and thought that the name sounded familiar.  So I went back into the archives and sure enough, I pulled one of his Bowman rookie autographs last year.

I ended up trading the card to BA Benny.  And, if Twitter is to be believed, people are snatching up the cards like crazy today.  So, if you're still out there BA, maybe you could make a nice little chunk of change if you put the card up today.


flywheels said...

Do you know what happened to BA Benny? He hasn't posted anything in a long time. I know he worked a crazy work schedule and he is a dad so I'm not surprised if those things took precedent over blogging.

Dhoff said...

The blogging world misses BA Benny. At least we know he's smiling about this Humber wherever he is.

Fuji said...

Was at a card show today and my 10¢ guy had several of his rookies in his boxes (no autographed copies)... just shows what he thought of Humber before today.