Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 A&G Birthday Blaster

In addition to giving me a new laptop (and using it to hack into my blog to post a birthday announcement) for my birthday, my wife also gave me a 2011 A&G blaster.  I finally got my scanner/printer drive installed into the new laptop, so here are some pictures of the cards that the blaster yielded.

While I will only be adding a couple of the cards to my personal collection, it was really fun to open and it was great to once again rip some packs.

All of the above cards are available for trade except the Dexter Fowler, which will go into my Fowler pc, and the Kyle Petty, which will be added to my Mustache Set.

I also received the following base cards which are also available for trade.

4 -- Jhoulys Chacin
23 -- Edwin Jackson
48 -- Fancisco Liriano
57 -- Derek Jeter
60 -- Brandon Belt
74 -- Torii Hunter
77 -- Rafael Furcal
79 -- Aimee Mullins
109 -- Martin Prado
129 -- Kelly Johnson
167 -- Adam LaRoche
182 -- Clay Buchholz
186 -- Yunel Escobar
188 -- Daniel Descalso
193 -- Jorge De La Rosa
237 -- Carlos Quentin
240 -- Matt Holliday
243 -- Mike Nickeas
284 -- Eric Jackson
304 -- Madison Bumgarner
308 -- Jhonny Peralta
326 -- Jason Castro

I'm finally getting to a place with my job where I can spend a little more time in the card-blogosphere, which makes me very happy.  It will also be nice to have a little bit of disposable income to use to pick up a box or two of cards, which will hopefully kick start some more trades, because I have been jonesing to get some trades going again.

Also, the countdown has begun for the unveiling of my Mustache Set, which will happen in a little over a month from now.  I hope it will be as epic as I have built it up to be in my mind.


Robert said...

When you get a chance, send me an email..I have a couple of mustache cards for you, plus a couple others that you may enjoy. I need a handful of Ginter off of your list... Happy Belated Birthday by the way...

Ryan G said...

Now that you're making the posts instead of your wife, Happy Birthday! I still like A&G.

camclow said...

I think I have some mustache cards set aside for you, but I would love that Stanton, let's work out a deal. E-mail me at

gojacks said...

Love the collection!Check out my blog [url/][url/]

jaybarkerfan said...

Can't wait to see the mustache set. You are up in my card draft.