Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Giftcard Autograph: Hochevar (Part 1)

This is the first of what will be (at least) a four part series.  I'm hedging my wager because I still have some change left on my last eBay gift card and I may be able to track down at least one more auto for my collection with it. 

The first of many purchases I recently made on eBay with gift cards from my birthday arrived today.  It's a 2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Aspirations autograph, numbered 20/25.

I dare you to find anything wrong with this die-cut, college-uniformed, low-numbered beauty.  (Ok, yes, the autograph is a sticker, but still.)

This one is the eighth Hochevar Donruss EEE card that I have in my collection, and is the first autographed version I've tracked down.  I really like the cut of these cards' jib.


On a related note, I also used a Barnes&Noble gift card from my brother to buy a copy of the movie Bridesmaids and a copy of Drew Magary's new novel, The Postmortal, both of which arrived today.  I've heard only good things about Bridesmaids, so I figured why not add it to our comedy dvd collection.

Similarly, I've been enjoying Drew Magary's weekly writings on Deadspin for years and figured I'd see how he does as a post-apocalyptic novelist.  I'll probably give it a quick review after I've finished reading it (which, if past experience is any indicator, will hopefully be sometime before the apocalypse).


SpastikMooss said...

Your taste is awesome. I'm saving up Amazon gift cards for Bridesmaids (which is really good...I saw it in theaters) and I LOVE Magary (I've made his drunken hookup thing twice) so I need to read that someday.

piratesfan731 said...

I had forgotten Hochevar went to UT... go Vols!

gojacks1 said...

Love it!