Monday, September 26, 2011

Trade Report: A Wonderful Habit to Have

I recently received my half of my second trade with Robert of $30 a Week Habit  and it was a very fun package to open.

He sent along a handful of mustache cards for my Mustache Set (which will be unveiled in about a month) which are always appreciated.

He also included some excellent Royals, including some Hochevars, a Bo, a Sweeny-son, and two Alex Gordons that I didn't already have.

The final card threw me for a loop for a moment.  A hockey card?

Hmmmmm?!?!!!???  Let's check out the back.

A fellow Coloradoan.  And my first Coloradoan hockey player to boot.  Very nice.  I may have to try to get my first TTM autograph with this one and add it to my Colorado Collection.

While this trade didn't involve a huge pile of cards, it included plenty of thought and piles of fun.  Thanks again for the trade Robert and your cards will be arriving shortly.

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Robert said...

I've not seen an auto card for John Grahame yet, so I figured an RC would do the trick...hope you enjoy them Eric!!