Sunday, October 30, 2011

Build Your Own Moustachas

Editors Note:  This will LITERALLY be the greatest blog post I have ever had the pleasure of writing.

I didn't think it would be possible to trump the genius of the inception of the Mustache Set.  I was wrong.  Words cannot express how creative dayf is (which may be the most obvious statement I've ever typed on this blog).  So I'll let his creativity do the explaining.

I humbly present the Build Your Own Mike Moustachas Card.




ZOMFG!!?!!???!?!  Am I right???!??!?!

Thankfully dayf was able to pull himself away from the ponies long enough to share his brilliance with me!

Also, thankfully he was able to knock about a dozen and a half cards off my wantlist, as well as adding the two biggest cards to my set thus far.

Thanks for the cards dayf!


Robert said...

I am truly speechless. That is a great trade and a great post, my hat is off to all involved.

Ryan G said...

That is the most awesomest thing EVER in the trading card industry! When are the 1/1 gold foil pink-bordered autograph relics coming out? Er...

And, as for the last scan:
It's like the cards are getting closer, horror style!

dayf said...

So, which sleeve did you leave Moustachas in? ;)

You've got three more cards coming, they somehow escaped from your package when I wasn't paying attention.

(...Joe) said...

hahahaha That's awesome!

Josh D. said...

I included this in my "Month in Review":

Community Gum said...

I'm speechless. And that's even after seeing the sketch dayf sent to Jon the other day. Really changing the game over there. -Andy