Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trade Report: Maier and Mustaches from The Sandlot

Recently, ...Joe from The Sandlot saw my Humber Auto from my box of 2007 Chrome and asked if I'd like to swap it for a Mitch Maier Chrome Auto.  I of course accepted the offer and my end of the bargain arrived in my mailbox today.

It's a great looking card, but it's a shame that Mitch will probably never be an important part of the Royals future now that Mike Moustakas is the third baseman of choice.

The thing that surprised me about this trade was the sheer size of the manilla envelope that ...Joe shipped the card in.  When I pulled it out of the mailbox, I thought, "Man, he really wants the Maier card to be shipped safely as he seems to have surrounded it with a ton of packing material."

Little did I know, but ...Joe also included a huge pile of Mustache Cards, a few of which plugged some gaps in my Franken-Set (cards 445, 543, and 668 to be exact) and a bunch of the others were strong enough to replace cards that were already in the set.

A big thanks to ...Joe and your card should be arriving shortly.


(...Joe) said...

Glad you liked 'em dude! I'll look to see what other stache cards I can find for you. No more '87s, I promise!

Josh D. said...

Has Maier ever been a 3B? I've only seen him play OF.