Thursday, August 30, 2012

Buying A Card Sight-Unseen

Will often sometimes lead to owning a headless autograph.

No, I'm not becoming a Broxton collector.  It just so happens that this is my first two-sided autograph card.  Numbered 4/5, the other side of this coin card is another Tristar "cut" graph for my Hoch collection.

Awful design. No picture. Unnecessarily encased in a giant lucite holder.  Ugh, being a player collector is broo-taal when there's a monopoly in town.


Greg Zakwin said...

Sweet card, all things considered. I still need to get me a cardboard auto of Broxton for the collection.

AdamE said...

I found one of those Trisar frankencut things for my player collection of Bill Virdon the other day too. Mine is numbered to 10 and put me back like $6. It was strange coming across a Virdon card I didn't even know existed on ebay.

night owl said...

If I player-collected, I don't think I'd bother getting a card like that.