Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coming Soon to a DVD Rental Machine Near You

From the creator of Chuck,

from the director of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry,

and from the same craft-service company that worked on the set of Good Luck Chuck,

comes what will surely be viewed as one of the most entertaining sports-comedy movies released straight to DVD this year.

A NachosGrande Production presented by Mustaches&Manupatches Films

Chuck Behind the Plate

 It was a normal Monday at the Ceviche Tapas Bar and Grill in St. Petersburg, FL, and Charlie O'Brien was busy plating dishes on the line as an assistant sous-chef.  But to suggest that Chuck, as he was know by his friends, was living his dream is an understatement.  Sure, he plates tapas and ceviche to pay the bills, but he doesn't love food.  Chuck loves digging curveballs out of the dirt. 

  Yet, ever since he underwent double-Tommy John's surgery during his senior year in high school, Chuck's coaches, doctors, neighbors, guidance counselors, ex-wives, children, step-children, local gas-station attendants, softball league teammates. and parents have insisted that he'd never play baseball again.  So when he saw the open-call for catchers to try-out for the struggling Toronto Blue Jays, he knew he had to try living behind the plate one last time.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll forget to return the DVD to the RedBox machine until its 3-days late.


Play at the Plate said...

Nicely done.

Mark said...


Robert said...

Struggling Toronto Blue Jays....I hear that waaaayyy too often...

Mark said...

Wow, nothing personal against the other guy, but you got robbed. This was outstanding work.

I smell Chicago-style voting hijinx...