Monday, August 13, 2012

I Got Da Blues

I've got da
work starts back up tomorrow and summer vacation is over,
lost the club championship when an 18-handicapper shot three-over-par 75 to my 77,
voted off the Nachos Grande writing contest island,
friends and family are backing out of my yearly golf tournament,
one of my tomato plants has yet to produce fruit,
new car shopping,
Murads've dried up in the eBay,
Royals and Rockies are having awful seasons

Also, I've a new blue Hochevar parallel, as seen in the top of the below scan.

So I've got that going for me.

But seriously, starting work again tomorrow has got me feeling blue.  I'm not sure what I'll miss more: sleeping in til my morning golf game or my lunchtime beer.

Who am I kidding, it's definitely the lunchtime beer.  I have no idea why it's taboo to have a cold one with my cold-cut sandwich during working hours. 

UPDATE:  And here's the last lunchtime beer I'll be having til Thanksgiving Break.

She was absolutely delightful, and, as the bottom of the can states, Available Only In Colorado.


Greg Zakwin said...

nice addition and rainbow! and good work on the blues haha.

Robert said...

I sure could have used a cold one or 3 with my lunch today!!

Fuji said...

I hear ya... went back to work today myself. Summer is officially over for me! I've got the "it's the start of the school year" blues!