Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HBO: Tuesday Triple Play

Good good mornin' all you cats and kittens and welcome back to The Mustache and Lazer Morning Zoo Fest-a-Poluza on 98.1 KROX -- Classic Rock with a classic twist.

I'm the Mustache and you all know Lazer.

*Three lazer sounds:  beew beew beew*

Coming up we'll have you're traffic and weather together on the 10s and 2s, isn't that right Lazer?

*beew beew beew*

So, back to my story.  So I'm in the doctor's office and the doctor comes in all serious in the face.  You know that look don't you Lazer?

*beew beew beew*

I know that's true.  So the doctor, all stern and stuff, says to me, Mustache, you've got to stop masturbating.   And I get all sad, right?  And I say, but doc, why do I have to stop masturbating?  And he says, get this, he says, because if you don't stop masturbating, I'll not be able to finish your root canal.

*beew beew beew*

Get it, Lazer?  Do you get it?  Anyway, it's Tuesday, and we all know what that means.  *beew beew beew*  TUESDAY TRIPLE PLAY  *beew beew beew*

We got some ZZ Top for ya.  *beew beew beew*  We'll throw some ELO your way.  *beew beew beew* Some Seger, some Van Halen, some Alice Cooper.  *beew beew beew*

But let's kick off our *beew beew beew*  TUESDAY TRIPLE PLAY  *beew beew beew* with a little threepeat of Hoch's Signature on KROX.

*beew beew beew* 

*beew beew beew*


Josh D. said...

I laughed more than I should have. :-)

SpastikMooss said...

Very well done. I love the ZZTop/ELO part a lot, nice touch.

Play at the Plate said...

Doctors...what do they know.