Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've Got The Posting Bug

As I sit here watching the Golf Channel talk up the US Open which starts tomorrow, I thought I'd post something golf related.

Since my wife and I moved back to my home town of Fowler, my home away from home has become Cottonwood Links Golf Course.  In January I was elected to the course's board of directors where I am currently the treasurer.  I've had a great time on the board and so far the highlight of my tenure came this past Monday when I convinced the other members to bring something new to the pro shop: poker chip ball markers with our logo.

As I sit here typing, the chips are being produced and should be on the pro shop shelf in a couple of weeks.  So, if you ever find yourself driving through Colorado on US Hwy 50, be sure to stop by the course for a round of golf.  And don't forget to mark your ball on the green with one of these chips.

I hope to return to our regularly scheduled programing later this week when a few of the Murad and Hochevar cards I've recently purchased arrive.  Until then, I'll be enjoying the US Open in between my daily rounds at Cottonwood Links and a 3-man scramble at the course on Saturday.