Friday, June 22, 2012

A Murad Opportunity

Before I show off my newly acquired Murads, I thought I'd share some Murad love with my readers (also, I don't feel like doing the work needed to list these on feeBay).  So, if anyone is interested in owning some Murad T51s, this is your chance.

The cards shown below are the thirteen doubles I have. 

UPDATE:  The two shooting cards in the top right have been claimed.  As has the blue flag Hampton in the upper left and the Iowa College canoeing in the middle of the fourth row.

 I would like to get $20 (free shipping) for the remaining 9 cards of the lot, but I will entertain all offers.  At just over $2 a card, this lot is a perfect opportunity to own some 100-year-old vintage tobacco cards featuring various colleges.

If I don't get any takers within the next week, I'll go ahead and put them on eBay.  And worry not, I don't plan on turning the blog into the home shopping network, I just thought I'd give readers a chance at them first since they seem to be fairly popular.


Greg Zakwin said...

If you don't get any takers and would be willing, I'd be interested in trading for one or both of the shooting ones (top two on the right side). I have at least a manupatch/auto you might like.

Spankee said...

Hey, hopefully I'm not too late. I'd love to make a deal for the Hampton card...seeing as how I live in Hampton. Let me know if it's still available.