Thursday, November 10, 2011


Somehow my numbering got goofed up earlier this week, so I went back and fixed the posts titles.  My bad!

Also, a big thanks to John of Johngy's Beat for filling in a metric ton of the gaps in my set (and I'll be sure to do a proper shout-out post later down the road when I can do some scanning).  I'm down to my final three cards remaining to complete the set.  I'm so close I can almost taste it! 

Today we find some familiar faces, including Randy, Eck, Kirk, Hakeem, Dick, and Doug, among others.


Johngy said...

Very glad this shipment arrived safely. Very glad to help, too.

Greg Zakwin said...

Check your e-mail, I have one or two you need! And other stuff too!

Robert said...

It will be good to see this set completed!! Great idea, been enjoying the scans, even with Eck's perfectly sculpted cookie duster.

night owl said...

The Garner card is flat-out awesome.