Friday, November 18, 2011


I was digging through the box of 2011 Update that I had previously purchased, ripped in the Target parking lot, and then set aside once I got home, when I stumbled into a card I had forgotten was in the box.

It was simultaneously the best and worst pack pull I've had all year (keeping in mind that I've probably only opened a couple dozen packs this year, which I just verified by using the "Ripping Packs" tag on this post for the seventh time since I started the blog).

The good: it's a #/60 Hope Diamond card of the 2011 MLB World Champions.

The bad:  Yes, the foil is pulling apart from the cardboard on the lefthand side of the card. 

Absolutely heartbreaking.  Of course it had to be this card that was damaged and not one of the more common sparkle or liquor cards.

So, Robert, do you want a highly damaged #19 for your Serial Number Set?

Speaking of Robert (of $30 a Week Habit and Serial Numbered Insanity), you know how card bloggers are always talking about the random acts of kindness that float between card collectors?  Well, Robert really outdid himself by donating his weekly card budget toward my Movember mustache fund.

As much as I've enjoyed all of the fantastic trades, amazing group breaks, and interesting posts I have read and written over the past year, building the Mustache Set has definitely been one of the most gratifying aspects of my re-entry into the hobby.  Thanks for all your kind words over the past two weeks and I hope you are enjoying the cards as much as I enjoyed putting together the set.

And a MOzillion thank yous go to Robert for his generous donation.  I owe you one buddy!


Greg Zakwin said...

If Robert doesn't want it, you might find a taker in Fuji. He collects damaged cards.

Robert said...

That #19 would still find a home in the insanity...if you don't want I will surely find something to send your way in trade.