Saturday, November 5, 2011


Last month, I helped kill the "doonboggle" which was Napkin Doon's catch phrase for a bad beat in the collection world.  Actually, my lack of helping is what helped kill it, as I told Nap that I'd write him a post describing one of my "doonboggles" and never followed through (in my defense, I'm a well known liar).

Yet, Napkin was able to look past my personality deficiencies and was kind enough to send me my first eTopps cards.  And they're of my two main guys, to boot!

As with most encased cards, the scans don't do the cards justice.  They are absolutely gorgeous in hand.  If you've ever had reservations about the eTopps cards, you should definitely talk to Napkin, as his knowledge about the subject is only eclipsed by his generousity.

As if these cards are great enough, I also enjoyed Napkin's calling card.  On one side is one of the strongest logos in the biz.

And the back features a great cause, with an even better Napkin doodle.

eBay one-of-one bitches!

Thanks for the cards Napkin!  You're a true gentleman and scholar.


In other collection news, by the time this post posts, I'll be making a three-hour drive to pick up one of the most important purchases of my collecting career.  I'll post pics as soon as possible.  The anticipation of this trip nearly killed me this week.  Here's to hoping the weather cooperates.


camclow said...

I have some cards set aside for you, Mustaches and Royals, send me your address and I'll send them out.

Napkin Doon said...

You honor me kind sir. Glad you like the cards and don't feel bad about the doonboggle thing. It was a lame idea.
Hang on to the Napkin Doon card. It's sure to be a collectors item as my fame skyrockets.