Saturday, November 5, 2011

MOvember Progress Report: Week 1

This week's Progress Report is brought to you by The Hawk,

a newly purchased 60-drawer library card file,


and the $200 I've raised so far this MOvember.  (If you'd like to help me double that number, please go to my donation page HERE).

And, no, this isn't my "1st day of Movember" picture.  This is a week's worth of mustache growth.  Sad?  Yes.  Does it keep me from raising hundreds of dollars for men's health?  Hells no!!!!

I'm just proud to report that I no longer need to use performance-enhancing products for my end-of-Movember pictures anymore.  Hopefully next week's picture will be a bit more impressive.


Now, how about that library card file?  Pretty sweet, no?

Since we moved back to Colorado, I haven't had a good place to hang my card display boards like I did when we lived in Omaha.  Therefore, I've had to keep my cards in a dresser in our office, which is not how I want my cards to live their lives.  So, I started looking for a better way to store my cards that will fit within the limitations of our house, which lead me to the library card file cabinet.  I've been scouring the interwebz for the past few months, but all the files that I liked were being sold hundreds of miles away in far off lands such as Ohio, Texas, or New York.  That is, until I found one in (relatively) nearby Boulder, CO, for a price that the wife could stomach.

Today, the wife and I took a road trip up north to pick-up our purchase.  My brother-in-law met us at the antique shop, which was great because it was one heavy SOB.  Seven hours of driving later, I am now own a killer piece of furniture to feature my killer card collection.

I can now have a drawer for my Hochevars, a drawer for my Fowlers, a drawer for my T51s, a drawer for my manupatches, or 56 other categories that I might decide to break my cards into.  I can keep my trade cards nicely organized into teams and separated into their own drawer.  I can get my Stocktons out of pages and into top loaders.  I can have a drawer for my 1981 Topps set or my 1990 Skybox set or my Mustache set.  The possibilities are almost endless.

I'll be slowly moving my cards from their current dresser into the card file, which will allow me to start cataloging all the cards I have so I can have a better idea about which ones I need.  This project should keep me busy through my Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations (gotta have something productive to do while the wife is away at work while I'm on vacation, am I right?).

Needless to say, I am very happy with my manly furniture purchase even if my mustache isn't "manly" yet.


Ryan G said...

Someday I will do something similar with a library card catalog file. Those things are beautiful and perfect for storing cards. How many cards can you fit in a drawer? And did you take out the metal rods or whatever else may be inside for the catalog cards?

night owl said...

I've always wanted a card catalog file for my cards ever since I found a rummage sale in which the guy sold cards out of his card catalog cabinet. I thought it was a great idea.