Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adding Another 2%

I picked up another 2% of the T51 1910 Murad Collegate Series yesterday when I added a Boston pole vaulter, an Allegheny fisherman, and a North Dakota footballer to my vintage drawer.

I almost like the cards that are beat to hell like the Boston card more than the cleaner cards.  I sometimes feel suspicious about a 100-year-old card that is in too good of condition.

I now own 27 of the 150 cards in this set.  I'm slowly creeping toward my goal of owning 50% by the end of the year.

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Fuji said...

wow... what a beautiful set. i really liked the basketball set that topps put out a few years ago, but these are definitely nicer. best of luck on your set.

btw... thanks eric for the boba fett. when wes sent me the prize package from his contest, i wondered where the figure came from. today was the first time i saw that post (where you were suppose to give someone a gift).