Friday, January 13, 2012

Trade Report: M is for Manupatch by D. Dimwit

Did a card-for-card trade with The Daily Dimwit last week and I couldn't be happier with the results.  Both cards were #/99, both fit well into our respective collections, and both cards contained fabric.  My card is blue, his was red.  His card is a jersey relic and mine is a manupatch.

I love the overall look of this card.  It is very regal and old-timey feeling. 

Even though this is a "hat logo" manupatch, since I already have a Braves logo (J-Hey to be precise), it'll be the M in my Alphabet Collection, both of which I've resolved to complete by year's end.

Thanks for a great trade Double-D!

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hiflew said...

I think the Eddie Mathews fits better with the Milwaukee Braves logo as opposed to the (I'm assuming) throwback patch of Heyward, simply because Mathews actually played in Milwaukee.

That is the main reason I didn't like those throwback patches. David Wright with the New York Giants, Ichiro with the Seattle Pilots and many others that made no sense. Plus 0 Rockies in the whole thing so that p-ed me off too. lol