Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trade Report: A Tulo Bat from Robert

I never really enjoyed my collection when they were in pages.  I just kept them in pages out of necessity.  So, when I got my library card file, I moved all of my cards into the drawers and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Here are some awful pictures of my genius method for labeled the drawers.  I've modified (i.e. cut in half) a card that represents what is in that particular drawer.  Some were easier to find than others.  My player collections were easy because I only had to find a duplicate landscape-oriented card with their name on it.  Others took a bit more creativity.

The close-up picture shows one of my Hochevar drawers, my Dexter Fowler drawer, and my Manupatches drawer.  It took me a few days to figure out how I was going to label my manupatches drawer, until I found an old Boy Scout patch in a thrift store.  It worked perfectly.

Now that I had all of my cards out of pages and into drawers, I had/have a cubic ton of pages that I didn't need.  On that very day I saw that dual blogging Robert was starting to move his Serial Number Insanity set into pages, so I asked if he needed any.  I figured there was no reason for him to go out and buy some when I had a plethora of them idly siting.

In return he sent me my first Troy Tulowitzki relic card.

Trades like this are why blogging is so much fun.  I was able to help Robert with his collection (even if it was a bit unconventional) and I got a sweet new card for mine.  Thanks Robert!

So, if anyone else wants to do a pages-for-card(s) trade, let me know. 

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unclemoe said...

That library card file thing is pretty rad.