Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fave Five: Cardboard Heavenly Draft -- The Keepers

Here are my Fave Five reasons why I'm glad I joined the Cardboard Heaven Card Draft that Cam put together to help raise funds for a Rose Bowl ticket.

FIVE:  Royals

FOUR:  Rocks

THREE: Former Brewers

TWO: Mustachioed Flamethrower

ONE: Helton Fabric

I added a slew of Rockies and Royals to my collection, including some former Brewers (Cam's team) who were shipped out to KC for Greinke and anther Helton relic.  Sure, I may have over reached a bit by spending my first and second round picks on the Jeffress and Cain autos  (#4 and #17 respectively), but I made up for it by snagging the Helton relic in the third round.

I was able to get either an autograph or relic with each of my picks through the tenth round.  It was then that I made probably my shrewdest move by picking up my Eckersley die-cut in the 11th round.  How it slipped that far, I'll never know.  

All in all it was a ton of fun for a very reasonable price.  I was able to hand-select a bakers dozen of autos and relics, as well as a pile of commons and inserts, for less than a blaster from Walmart or Target.

Later I shall post scans of the cards that will be headed to my trade bait drawer in the ol' library card file.

Thanks again Cam!


Robert said...

Very nice haul for you...I like the Jeffress auto card myself, you're starting to build a bit of a collection of his autos aren't you?

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Josh D. said...

Good thing I didn't enter that. We would have been fighting over...Lorenzo Cain???? Now I'm just sad.