Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trade Report: Spelunking in the Quarry

I love making trades with Johnny from Cards from the Quarry.  My Rockies collection would be piddly were it not for his willingness to send so many of his duplicates my way.  This trade was no exception.  For one of my Dexter Fowler autographs, I am now the owner of the following cards, which I'll give a Fave Five treatment.

FIVE: My first serial numbered golf card.

Incidentally, I'll soon be posting the results of the box of 2001 Upper Deck Golf cards I recently won on the Bay.

FOUR:  Heltons

The first card in the scan may be my first Helton Rookie, which means I've completed 2/3 of a Helton trifecta.  I'm definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for a Helton autograph this year.

THREE:  Tulo

TWO: A&G Relic

This was the second Allen & Ginter Rockies relic I've received in as many days and I can definitely see why people like them so much.  Very cool looking cards in hand. 

 ONE:  Mitch Maier Autograph

This is my second autograph of the eldest outfielder on the Royal's active roster, which is a horrible sentence to write because it means that 2012 is the year I realized that I'm older than an entire MLB team's outfield.  Bummer for me.

Thanks for another fantastic trade Johnny and be sure to take good care of Dexter!

1 comment:

hiflew said...

He's in good hands, actually good encasement ATM.

I love trading with you too, the biggest problem comes when I am searching my doubles and trying to remember if I already sent that one to you.

BTW, most people consider Helton's 93 Topps Traded Team USA card to be his "rookie." I personally consider his 1995 SP Top Prospects his rookie. He also has some cards in Bowman and Topps in 1996 before that Pinnacle in 1997.

That being said, I still like that card and it is one of the earliest that I possess (actually I only have 2 older).