Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Colorado Collection: Tippy Martinez

The latest addition to the Colorado Collection was inspired after driving past Tippy Martinez Park in La Junta, Colorado, a few weekends ago.  My wife asked me what made Tippy Martinez so important to get a park named after him.  Apparently, even though she'd lived in the Arkansas Valley for 25+ years, she was unaware that he was a successful major leaguer.

So I bought this card to add to my collection.

Sorry for the lousy scans, but my scanner doesn't do well with the case in which Topps encased the card.

While doing some research on Tippy's career, I came across this tid-bit: Tippy once picked off three base runners in one inning.


Ryan H said...

Sweet card! I'm sure you told your wife that Tippy was one of the greatest Oriole relievers of all-time.

Robert said...

Yea, I remember him picking off 3 Jays runners.... he had a helluva move