Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trade Report: The Legen....(wait for it).....dary JBF

Jaybarkerfan sent me a little care package this week and, as the video above suggests, it's LEGENDARY!

I'm fairly certain that this is my first "prime" relic in my collection.  That three-color swatch of jersey ribbing is superb.  Literally the only thing that would make it better were if it was from a pair of John Stockton shorty-shorts.  Since it's not, I'm going to enjoy it in all it's Jazz glory.

Also in the bubble mailer were two fellas that could end up having their own legendary status someday.

Thanks for the great cards JBF!  And enjoy your slabbed '73!


hiflew said...

Nice Nicasio. Let me know if you get a 2nd one. I need that one and the Rex Brothers and my sparkle set is complete.

I also the like patch for Louisville's Darrell Griffith. The coloration looks like it should be the flag of a small African country.

jaybarkerfan said...

I hoped you would like it