Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cult Following

I have asked for three autographs in person as an adult.

The first was when I asked two Denver Bronco cheerleaders to sign my ticket on game day on September 10, 2001 (and I only did that because my cousin broke the ice by asking them to sign his ticket first).  While I know I kept the ticket all these years, at this moment I have no idea where it is being stored.

My second in-person autograph came when I asked Luke Hochevar to sign a baseball for me before a Royals game.  I keep that baseball proudly displayed on my library card file.

The third in-person autograph was one that I had forgotten that I had until I stumbled into it just the other day.  I got it at the Omaha Funny Bone from one of my favorite comics, Auggie Smith.

The funny thing is that when I tried to listen to the CD in the car on the way home from the show, it wouldn't play.

If you've never heard Auggie's material, here are a couple of short clips from his appearances on the Bob and Tom Show.

While I can't enjoy the comedic material on the CD, finding this autograph was a fun reminder of a great night of comedy in Omaha.

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