Thursday, May 3, 2012

GQ Triple Back

Saw this lot of Dexter Fowler 2012 GQ minis on the bay and ended up winning them for less than a buck a piece shipped.  Not too shabby.  I much prefer gathering these mini parallels in groups than the usual piece-meal method I use on the bay.

Nothing too fancy on the fronts.

But straight sexy on the back.

And speaking of Dexter Fowler. 

Thanks to a tip from fellow Rockies fan Hiflew (Cards from the Quarry, duh!), I was able to attend Dexter Fowler t-shirt night.  Here I am wearing said t-shirt and the new hat from my bro-in-law.

 My wife also picked up a program and guest guide while she was buying a Dinger doll for my golfing buddy Ryan.

And the Rockies seem to be taking their "Year of the Fan" slogan to heart, because they sure gave the fans a performance in the bottom of the 5th Friday night.  

If you missed the highlights, after giving up four runs to the Mets in the top of the 5th, the Rockies followed Eric Young's hustle on the base paths with three walks, seven hits (including two three-run homers from Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler), and a hit batsman, along with four errors from the Mets, to score 11 runs, one shy of the Rockies' record for runs in an inning. Gonzalez set a club record with five RBIs in the inning, as the Rockies sent 15 men to the plate.

It was an absolute pleasure to watch.

Also, while at the game, I ended up sitting next to the high school football coach of Met's center fielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis.  Turns out, Kirk went to high school at Denver Christian Academy, which means he'll soon be a member of the Colorado Collection. 

It was an all around great night at the ballpark with my wife and brother-in-law.

And thanks again to Hiflew for letting me know about Dex Night at the ball park.  Be on the lookout for your Colorado Rockies care package in the mail in the near future.  I believe you'll enjoy what I rounded up for you!

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Cory said...

Any chance you incorporate some Amy Farrah Fowler cards or collectibles into your collection?