Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Something to Make the Kershaw Fans Drool

After my previous defeats at tracking down rare Hochevars, I wasn't about to let this beauty slip through my fingers.

That's right, it's a Just Minors 2007 Triple Signatures (#'d 2/10) featuring my boy Hoch, Homer Bailey, and some guy named Clayton Kershaw.

I'd never heard of Mr. Kershaw, so I did a quick internet search and was puzzled when this came up.

Now why would Just Majors put a country singer's autograph on a baseball card.  Upon further review, I realized I was watching Sammy Kershaw.  Maybe Clayton is related to him or something.  We may never know.

Either way, he must not be much of a player since the seller also included these cards in the package.

Either way, I'm very glad that my low numbered 2007 Just Majors Triple Signatures collection has doubled.

Incidentally, the black Royals autograph card is numbered 2/3, which is pretty sweet.

And, if you'll excuse me, I must continue my quest of obtaining every Hochevar card ever.

p.s.  School lets out this Friday, so my posts should come at a more regular rate throughout the summer, assuming I can find anything to post about.


Jeff Wilk said...

Someone needs to teach those boys how to write their name. I could hot glue a crayon to an elephant's butt, put him in a cage of mice, give him a copy of Hamlet written in hieroglyphics and he would still write words more recognizable than that chicken scratch.

SpastikMooss said...

I LOVE when people assume the "hot" player on a card is the target. There's a guy on Blowout combing through a storage shed for a quad card for me, featuring Carson Palmer, Kyle Boller, some dude, and Seneca Wallace. He originally offered it up two years ago to "any Palmer fans - because all the other guys are scrubs."

Stealing Home said...

nice score, hombre

The Dutch Card Guy said...

Very nice one,congrats !