Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So It's Come To This, Has It?

I now sit idly by on my computer waiting for 1/1 Hochevar cards to pop up for auction because I basically have all the others.  Luckily for me, three such cards have surfaced this week.  I've won one (see below), got sniped on another because the auction ended whilst I was still at work so I couldn't defend my bid, and I still have a day left on the other.

I'm also still reeling from the schlacking Hoch took from the Yankee's bats earlier this week.  The wife was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon the Royals/Yanks game and yelled at me to come see if it was Luke pitching.  Sure enough, it was him.  I was elated!  Then I was bummed because Luke proceeded to drill A-Roid in the arm with a pitch, load the bases, and give up a grand slam to one of them other Damn Yanks. Broke my heart.

I then made the mistake of reading every article online that bashed my guy, which has kept me away from the blogosphere for a few days. Also, this has been a fairly busy time at work, getting ready for the school year to end.

So, to recap, I haven't been blogging because there are few cards available that I want/need, my favorite player is being run over on and off the field, and life has been busy.  At least I know that one of those anti-blogging issues will be resolved in the next couple of weeks (work), and I'm hoping the other two will come around as well.

How about a 2011 A&G printing plate to help heal the wounds?

It will go well with the rest of my 2011 A&G Hochevars.

Also, be assured that there will be at least one more Hochevar post this week as I finally received one of my 2006 white whales in the mail this week.

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Fuji said...

Congratulations on picking up that printing plate. I know if I picked up an A&G printing plate of Kurt Suzuki, it sure would cheer me up.