Thursday, May 31, 2012

Plowing Along

You'd think that as a mostly baseball card collector, the summer/baseball season would be an ideal time for me to be collecting.  But, actually, it's just the opposite.  While the summer does provide new products almost every week, the summer also brings countless activities and events that conflict with collecting.

Most importantly for me, there's golf.  Other then my wife and my dog, there is nothing I love more than golf.  And that includes card collecting.  Collecting fills the void left when I can no longer golf in the winter and fall.  So, now that summer vacation is here and I have the golf course to myself, I'm not as passionately collecting cards.  I'm starting to notice that this summer, most of my spare change is being spent on golf balls, golf clubs, and golf tournaments.  Doesn't leave much left over for card purchases.

With that said, I did pinch a few pennies from the golf fund and have managed to pick up a card here and there.

Today I received my 58th unique 1910 Murad T51 college series card.  It's a nice little card of the Michigan Agricultural College and, were I a better blogger, I'd have figure out a better way to riff off the agriculture/summer connection. But, I'm not a writer, I'm a picture poster.

It's a great card from a set that I'm getting ever closer to hitting the 50% complete mark, as I'm now at 39% of the way done.

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Cory said...

I collected cards up until 1994 when my dad died and decided to play golf instead of mess with cards.

Bought a season pass at the local golf course which included 2 courses, one being the heavily favored Parkview course and also the insanely harder Lick Creek course. They played a PGA event there a couple of years ago.

Anyways, I played about 125 times that year on that pass(gotta get your money's worth.

After never shooting better than an 83 I played one last time that year in November then never played again.

Most frustrating sport ever but that year sure was fun!

Picked back up the card bug in '99 and haven't stopped since.

Disc golf replaced ball golf for me. cheaper and maybe even more frustrating but it is a blast.

Haven't played in a year or so because of health but maybe someday I can waddle back out there.