Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Step 12

Last night's Royals v Tigers series opener was rained out, so Hochevar's start got pushed to today.  In his honor, I shall post a Two-fer Tuesday of recent Hochevar pickups.

The first item is (as this post title suggests) my 12th step toward completing a 61-card black-boarder mojo-set.  It came to me via a BIN w/ free shipping.  I swooped in and grabbed it minutes after it was listed.  I am taking this set seriously, you guys!

A big tip of the cap goes out to the Sports Syzygist for turning me on to the following toy.  He posted about the two that he picked up and said that the roster of players available was fairly deep, so I decided to check if Hoch was up for sale.

They are Lego-esque in their size, but appear to be a little more maneuverable.  I may need to pick up one more of these to crack open, since I plan on keeping the cellophane wrapper on this fella.

Sadly, as Offy mentions in his post about the figures, they are a bit on the pricey side considering how small they are.  They run in the $10-12 range (depending on how much shopping around you do) and apparently the Lego ones can run in the $3-5 range.  I think the $3-5 price-point would entice me to pick up most of my favorite Rockies and Royals, but at $12 (plus shipping) a shot, I'm going to stick to just Hochevar and possibly Dex Fowler.

Good luck to #44 on the bump today.


topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

I can't believe the Twins are worse than the Royals!

*sad Twins fan*

Cory said...

Pricy indeed.

Much like most of those Etsy shops. Which, i guess, is a bit different than mass produced, assembly line tiny plastic people.

$1.99 is all they should charge for those. they have to be clearing 90% of their current price point.