Monday, July 30, 2012

I Don't Have the Heart to Tell Him

 That the 2012 Olympics have already started because he's been working on his back stroke all day.

 He's got great form, but, because he's a dog, has no idea how to work a calendar and no idea he'll have to wait till 2016 to go for the gold. 

Speaking of the Olympics, in a couple of months, when Olympic fever has died down, someone needs to remind me that swimmer Missy Franklin is a Colorado resident and has a certified autograph (for the Colorado Collection, should I ever revive it) and a manupatch American flag card (for the Manupatch Collection).

In the Olympic spirit, here is one of the few remaining Murad cards I've not yet shown off that features an Olympic style sport: shooting.
Hedrix College, 83/150, 55.3%


Scott Sawyer said...

Hendrix College? It still exists apparently. 1400 students. I have the Michigan football Murad card but haven't really explored the entire set.

Play at the Plate said...

When I read the title and saw the pic, I thought it was about him getting fixed!