Monday, July 16, 2012

Trade Report: Sometimes You Don't Know a Card is Lost Until It Is Returned Home

I love when Hochevar cards hunt me down instead of the other way around.  In this case, AJ The Lost Collector let me know that he had a Hochevar relic card that I needed for my collection.  YAHTZEE!!!

Getting this card in my collection opened the TriStar Elegance parallel floodgates because right after receiving this card, I added two of it's parallel brethren to my library card file cabinet a few days later in the "Great 2012 Hochevar Collection Buy-Out".

And, in true blogger-trade fashion, AJ threw in a few extras that are much appreciated.

It's always great seeing a mustache on a contemporary player's card.

Thanks for the great trade AJ!  I can't wait for our next one.

1 comment:

The Lost Collector said...

Glad I could contribute to your Hochevar collection!