Monday, July 2, 2012

Trade Report: More Like 'Fantastic Cards'

When Superduperman99 of the blog Fantastic Catch told me that he had some Dexter Fowlers that I may need, I was super pumped to work out a trade with him because for some odd reason, I'd never traded with a Cardinals fan and had a huge stack of Cardinals cards to send him.

In return I received the Dexter Fowlers he told me about.  And sure enough, I needed all three for my collection.

But, in true blogger-trading fashion, there were a couple of extra special cards tucked between the Fowlers.  Turns out, Superduperman99 is a custom card maker and made two for me featuring my two favorite players.

I dig the hand written backs, especially the logos.  Thanks for the great trade and I can't wait to unload another pile of Cardinals on you in our next trade!

1 comment:

Superduperman99 said...

Thanks I hope you loved the customs I'm not able to do them to do them too often.