Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trade Report: Who Are You Calling a Fathead?

I'm pretty sure all of the puns/double-entendres have already been made about Spankee and his Cardboard Mistress blog, so I chose to take the high road and pretend that he called me a mean name during our trade. 

Well, he didn't call me a Fathead, but he did send me one.

I've placed it next to a Gypsy Queen mini and base card of Moose and Country Breakfast, respectively.  Since it won't fit inside my library card file cabinet, I found it a home on top of the cabinet and it looks great.

And, since he already included one "tradeable", Spankee decided to add a few more Royals and a couple of CarGo Rocks.

And, the pieces de resistance, a couple of cards that I'm glad to add to two of my severely neglected collections.

Annika and John.  There's a joke to be made about the shorts in these pictures, but I haven't stumbled upon it just yet.  Help a brother out?

Thanks for the great cards Spankster!

And don't forget to (shill) bid on my current card auctions!

1 comment:

Spankee said...

Glad you like them. I believe the joke goes like this:

Despite Stockton's shorts, I think we're more likely to see Annika's penis.