Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Moving Discovery (Part II) -- "Top This" Draft Picks

The first set of cards that I encountered when I opened up the card album that my wife found while we were moving is from the 1994 NBA Hoops release, which was during the prime of my basketball collecting era.  These cards are from the base set (numbered 421-430), but I am certain that I never attempted to collect the entire set, just mini-sets like this one.

I liked these cards because the fronts featured the top 10 picks from the 1994 NBA draft and the 1993 draft picks were on the back.  To me, these cards were perfect for storing in the pages of an album.

1994 picks 1-4:   The Big Dog, J. Kidd, Grant Hill, and Donyell Marshall

1993 picks 1-4: C Webb, Shawn Bradley, Penny, and Jamal Mashburn

1994 5-8:  Juwan Howard, Sharone Wright, Lamond Murray, and Brian Grant

1993 5-8:  Isaiah Rider, Calbert Cheaney, Bobby Hurley, Vin Baker

Rounding out the 1994 top ten: Eric Montross and Eddie Jones

And 1993:  Rodney Rogers and Lindsey Hunter

I like when the base sets include cards like this, if for no other reason than to help me remember some of these players whose only noteworthy achievement is being one of the top ten players taken in the draft.


I'm Your Average Card Collector said...

Grant hill was the man and still is

The Lost Collector said...

Nice! I definitely had that set. No clue where it would be now.

Fuji said...

I collected heavily in 94/95... especially SP and Finest... but surprisingly I don't remember this subset at all. I like how they included the previous year's draft class on the flipside. Looking forward to the rest of the cards.