Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trade Report: Group Break & Trade w/ BA Benny

When BA Benny is involved, cardboard does indeed rock. 

After his Group Break we worked out a bit of a trade, so I received a vast quantity of cards in the mail last week.

I got a jersey/auto, a manupatch, and a jersey swatch.

I got some Hochevars and Greinkes.

I got some Gordons.

And a smattering of various other Royals.

I also received some Denver Broncos cards out of the group break.

And, BA Benny was very generous and included a hefty pile of Mustache cards for my set.  The Mustache Set is really taking shape.  Thanks to BA Benny for hosting a great group break and for doing some trading with me.

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Colbey said...

That's a really nice Mike Sweeney card. I don't think I have that one....

Speaking of group breaks the Royals are only $5 and are available in mine!