Monday, May 30, 2011

This Week In Golf: 5/20 to 5/29

Since my membership at my local golf course means I can play as much golf as I want and because I have a lot of free time on my hands, I thought I'd do a post every week or so (i.e. whenever I can remember to bring home the scorecards) featuring my golf scores from the past week.

05/20/11 and 05/21/11 -- I sometimes use the same card for multiple rounds. I'd love to claim it was because I am being environmentally sensitive, but it's usually because I forget to grab a new one in the club house.

Also, I noticed that the pencil marks didn't show up very well on my scanner, so I went over the scores with a pen. 



05/28/11 and 05/29/11 (with my Dad)

I'm still chasing that ellusive 79.  I've had multiple rounds where a sub-80 score was possible, but I keep letting them slip through my fingers, including yesterday's round with my Dad where I hit a drive out-of-bounds on the back-nine.  That two-stroke penalty kept me above 80.

But the summer is young and I've been playing the best golf of my career, which is encouraging.

One of my other goals is to see how many times I can loop around the course in one day.  I think 100-holes in one day (ten times around the 9-hole course) is doable.  But I'm going to have to spend some time building up my golf-stamina if I want to make it happen.

I hope everyone has a relaxing Memorial Day.

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