Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fave Five -- Most Wanted

Every collector has a wish list of cards they would like to someday own.  Here are my Fave Five Most Wanted cards.

Number Five:  A Roy Halladay Autographed card

When it comes to my Colorado Collection (where I get an autographed card of athletes born and/or raised in Colorado), it looks like the hardest one for me to track down will be a Roy Halladay autographed card.  He is a successful and popular pitcher and it appears that he hasn't signed a ton of cards.  Therefore, he's going to be tough for me to pick up.

Number Four :    1910 Murad Tobacco College Series, especially the golf ones.

If I ever begin to venture into tobacco cards, the 1910 Murad College Series cards are the ones I'd like to focus on first.  These cards seem to be reasonably priced, which is great for me.  I also like that they feature American colleges and multiple sports.  If I am unable to collect the entire set, I'd like to at least like to add the golf cards to my collection. 

Number Three:  2009 Topps Finest #163  Dexter Fowler Autographed Manupatch Letter E

My trek to find the elusive E is so desperate, I can't even find one listed online so that I can borrow their picture of the card for this post.  Imagine the above card as an E. 

A couple of weeks ago there were two listed on eBay, but I had to let them go once they got out of my price range. 

UPDATE:  Well lookie-here.  But a 9-day auction?  Seriously?

I'm tempted to settle for the 2009 SP Authentic Letter E, which looks similar to this one. 

But I haven't become that desperate.  Yet. 

Number Two:  2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BC230 Luke Hochevar Rookie Autograph

I'd eventually like to have this card in the Base, Refractor, Blue, Gold, and Orange parallels.  Those are plausible pickups.    As for the Red and Superfractor parallels, those would be icing on the cake if I was ever able to afford and/or find them. 

Surprisingly, I won an XFractor of this card (which is numbered to /250) for a mere $10 last week.

Number One:  A John Stockton Autographed card

This card is in the number one spot because John Stockton is the first player I seriously collected.  As a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest players in NBA history, these cards are quite expensive.  But, it will make owning one of his autographed cards that much sweeter once I do track one down.


A2 Wolverine said...

You should see if the seller will end the auction early if you come up with an offer.

hiflew said...

What does the P have to do with Dexter Fowler? That is why I am not a fan of the letters because sometimes I don't even know what I am spelling.

Thorzul said...

Dang it, I have the Fowler W. I would have totally traded you the E if that was the one I had.

SpastikMooss said...

Me and you both on the Murads. I'm trying to pick up all of the lacrosse ones, plus the Indiana one you posted (I'm currently going to IU for my grad degree). So...I definitely need one of those!