Sunday, July 17, 2011


I recently picked up an eBay one-of-one card on, you guessed it, eBay.

It's a 2010 Allen and Ginter Luke Hochevar Bazooka-back mini-card and it's numbered 25/25. 
As many of the eBay one-of-one sellers like to point out, it's the only card that's numbered 25/25, which makes it one of a kind.

 I'll be adding the card to my already robust 2010 A&G Hochevar collection.

As slow as the past couple of weeks have been for my collection, I hit pay-dirt in the eBay auction house.  I started a new personal collection for one dollar and am getting really close to reaching a player collection milestone.  I'm very excited to show off my winnings as soon as they arrive.

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