Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thus Began My Tobacco Collection

My entire collecting life I've been a modern-day card collector.  I collect my favorite players and my favorite teams.  When I was a kid, the only way I got cards was from ripping packs or trading with friends who got their cards from packs.  I had little to no access to cards that were produced pre-1990 let alone anything from the 60s or 70s.

As I've matured in my collecting habits I've discovered the allure of vintage and tobacco cards.  I've been wanting to get a few cards in my collection that are older than I am since I believe my oldest card prior to last week was from 1977 (only four years older than I am for those keeping score at home).

My problem is I don't want to just own a card for its age.  I want to have a vested interest in the card.  It needs to appeal to me.  I need to have a reason to chase after them day after day. 

The T51 Murad College Series Tobacco cards fit the bill perfectly.  Old?  Check.  Attractive art and design?  Check.  Can be found for a reasonable price?  Check.  Large, yet attainable checklist?  Check.

My only remaining hurdle was "breaking the ice" of this collection and finding my first card at a price within my budget.  And did I ever accomplish this goal.  For $1.00 plus shipping I bought not just my first, but my second card as well.  It's one thing to have a single card, but it's an entirely new ballgame when the second card is in the collection.

And I'm hooked.  I love the soft corners, the creases and pin holes, the torn out edge, their smell, and their small size.  The artwork is simple and appealing.  And for a half penny per each year they've existed, how could I pass them up?

The backs are equally simple and full of character.  I'd love to know the reason for the hand-written "24".  Maybe a time-traveling fan of Jack Bauer?

I'm obviously not going to be picky about quality.  If I can get a pile of beat-up, creased, torn, and worn-out cards on the cheap, I'll be much happier than if I spend my entire budget on one graded near-mint card.  I'm also going to take my time working through the set.  If it takes me a year to complete, great.  If it takes ten, even better.  I'm in no hurry. 

So check every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse,  hen house, outhouse, and dog house in your area for these cards.  I'd love to trade for them, but I'd be willing to buy if the price was right.

And be sure to follow along with my journey as I chip away at the checklist found in the T51 tab at the top of my blog.


Napkin Doon said...

i love it! i just got the ball rolling on a lower cost vintage (posting about this soon) set too, but not nearly as old as yours. I'm a little disturbed you smell your cards though:)

Cheap Card Collecting said...

Posted about your trade package today, thanks!