Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Anyone Want to Trade Me Some 2011 A&G Cards?

I'm hoping somebody who has a big pile of A&G doubles is willing to do some trading.

I'm hoping for a Hochevar base, a mini, a black-bordered mini, and, if I'm really lucky, a code card.

Base card

Black-bordered mini

Code Card

Mini Card

I would also love to have a Dexter Fowler base, a mini, a black-bordered mini, and a Hometown Heroes insert card.


Black-border mini

Hometown Heroes


Lastly, I'd also be interested in getting a Roy Halladay Hometown Heroes card as well, since it's the only Colorado "hometown" that I've seen.  If there are others, obviously I'd like them too.

Hometown Heroes

Obviously I don't have any 2011 A&G to send your way, but I'll be willing to send any and all cards for the team you collect if you have these cards.  Thanks!

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Napkin Doon said...

If I find any theyre yours...