Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pictures from the 6/3/11 Rockies vs Royals game

Because I forgot my camera in my car and was only able to take two lousy cellphone pictures at the Rockies/Royals game this past Sunday, I asked Carmen Hochevar if I could post a handful of pictures that she took at the game and she kindly agreed to let me do so.

Carmen is Luke Hochevar's mom and, as you will soon see, is a fantastic photographer.  I was only able to say a quick hello to her and her husband at the game as they were understandably busy entertaining family during the game.  But I have been able to spend time catching up with them at past KC Royals games, including this year's Opening Day game and a 9/23/09 Royals/Red Sox game.

I'm the guy in the #44 jersey in the lower right corner.
Pitching to Todd Helton.

My favorite photo of the group.

Laying down a bunt.

Getting on base when Helton couldn't handle the throw to first.

Sliding into second base.
As you can see, Carmen has a great knack for capturing great action on film.  Many thanks to Carmen for allowing me to showcase these photographs!


Napkin Doon said...

Great pictures... how in the world do you know Hochever's mom? That's pretty cool!

Cheap Card Collecting said...

Cool pictures! By the way, I posted the 2008 Razor Letterman so if you want to take a look then we can probably workout a trade!