Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Card-Centric Blog

I spent much of the past year and a half blogging at 87 Murphy Squirrels.  I posted about politics, golf, music, pop culture, etc.  After I reentered the card collecting hobby this past summer, I would occasionally post pictures of my newly acquired cards.  I enjoyed showing off my cards this way, but I always had a nagging urge to start a trading card-centric blog.

This week my wife started her final semester of law school and her schedule is made up almost entirely of night classes which has given me a couple hours of time to kill while she is away.  Tonight I spent a couple of hours organizing my card collection and decided that it was time to once again take a crack at blogging.

My plan is to have this blog be a location for me to post pictures of my personal card collection as it continues to grow, network with other bloggers (which will hopefully lead to many, many trades), and talk about the hobby I loved as a kid and am reloveing as an adult.

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