Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Name Game

After I started collecting the Dexter Fowler manupatches nameplate, I decided to create a personal nameplate for my wife, my dog, and myself, as well as our last name.  It has been really fun to do.

Here is my name.

It is made up of the following patches:
  • Angel Solome - "E" - Milwaukee Brewers - 2009 Topps Finest Baseball #'d 9/25
  • Jarrett Dillard - "R" - Rice (football) - 2009 Topps College Letter Patch #'d 36/150
  • Chris Smith - "I" - New York Yankees - 2008 Razor Letterman 
  • Daniel McCutchen - "C" - Pittsburgh Pirates - 2010 Topps RC #'d 10/106

(As an aside, the plastic sleeve for the "E" above is marred by my eBay nemesis, the scotch-tape massacre.  I hate it when sellers feel the need to seal the top-loaders with scotch tape that will NEVER come off.  How about using some masking tape?  Works just as well and is easily removed by me.  Glad I got that off my chest.)  

What I enjoyed the most about creating the family nameplates was trying to get a different color and style of letter.  It was much fun surfing around eBay searching for a nice looking card for the right price.  Also, since I wasn't worried about what player was depicted on each card, I was able to get them for much less than if I would have been searching for popular players.

I've completed my wife's, my dog's, and my name, and I'm just one letter away from finishing our last name (the "Y" is very elusive).  Since I'm such a fan of the manupatches, I've decided to continue hunting them down and will attempt to complete The Alphabet Set (one of each letter of the alphabet) as well as attempting to find one hat logo patch card for each MLB team (an example of what I'm talking about HERE). 

If you have any manupatch letters (the player and/or sport isn't important to me) or logos with which you'd be willing to part or are interested in trading for any of the above letters, shoot me an email.

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caljr3000 said...

This looks great! Maybe we'll pull a Y for you on Saturday. I count something like 12 players with a "Y" in their last name.