Friday, January 28, 2011

Dual Signatures

My player collections are currently focused on two players:  Luke Hochevar of the KC Royals and Dexter Fowler of the Colorado Rockies.

I collect Hochevar cards because I went to high school with Luke (he was two grades behind me) and I enjoy supporting a local boy.  Collecting Luke's cards are the main reason I reentered the hobby this past summer.  After it became harder and harder to find Hochevar cards I didn't already have (or weren't out of my price range), I decided to pick another player to start collecting.

I decided to focus on Dexter Fowler cards because I'm a Rockies fan, his last name is one that has personal significance to me, and he isn't a huge star, which means his cards are reasonably priced (not the best reasons in the world, but they work for me).

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that Just Minors had released a card that had both of their autographs.

As the back of the card indicates, this is a 2008 Just Minors Dual Signature card serial numbered 2/2.  I bought this card with the proceeds from the sale of the Steven Strausburg 1/1 printing plate I pulled from a box of 2010 Topps T206 cards I opened this summer (I'll have to post something about that card at a later date).  It was listed as a buy-it-now on eBay for a ridiculous price, and luckily the seller accepted my more reasonable offer.

I'd like to be able to own the other one of these that was released, but I'm not going to hold my breath for it to come onto the market anytime soon.  As for now, it will remain one of my favorite cards in my personal collection.


Greg Zakwin said...

Sweet card!

night owl said...

Is Hochevar storing nuts for the winter?